NeighborWorks® Sacramento is celebrating its 29th year serving the Sacramento region. Our mission is to provide opportunities for successful homeownership and strong communities through quality education, affordable lending, supportive partnerships and dedicated leadership. We serve a 19-county region from our offices, and our program offerings include a full range of services to assist potential and current homeowners. The underlying goal of all of our activities is to support the long term financial success of our clients who, in turn, create stronger and more stable communities as homeowners.

NeighborWorks® Sacramento continues to provide services and programs at high production levels. In 2015, we have helped create 229 new homeowners and provided Pre-Purchase Education & Counseling to 881 individuals and 313 foreclosure prevention counseling sessions. In addition, our on-staff Realtors have closed 23 contracts. NeighborWorks® Sacramento has acquired, renovated and sold 43 properties in neighborhoods at risk of destabilization.

Another proud accomplishment was the purchase of a two-story 20,000+sq. ft. building on Alhambra Blvd. located across the street from the NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center a 6,200 sq. ft. building, also owned by NeighborWorks® Sacramento. Investing in our community and improving access to homeownership opportunities and service.

Since 1987 the organization has received many awards and recognition for their commitment to the community. Some of the awards include:

  • 2014, LIFT Program
  • 2010-2013, Received National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling funds to continue foreclosure prevention counseling and provide free legal assistance to customers
  • 2010, “Best New Farmers Market”, Sacramento Magazine’s Editors Pick and Sacramento News & Review
  • 2010, Selected as NSP3 developer for San Joaquin County
  • 2010, Elected as #1 Volume Builder for all Sacramento Neighborhood Stabilization Program work over next 3 years
  • 2010, “Outstanding Organization of the Year”, Sacramento Region Human Rights & Fair Housing Commission
  • 2010, “Non-profit Organization of the Year”, Non-Profit Resource Center
  • 2006, “Outstanding Partnership”, Citibank
  • 2005, “ Neighborhood Excellence Award”, Bank of America
  • 1996, “Guarding America Through Safety Leadership”, Allstate
  • 1989, “Significant Contributions to the Sacramento Community in the area of Housing”, Human Rights Fair Housing Commission