Families Left Waiting After Colusa County Rejects Housing Program

Date Posted:
Wednesday, February 24, 2016

COLUSA COUNTY (CBS13) — Dozens of families trying to realize the American Dream are running into a nightmare when it comes tobuilding a home  in Colusa County.

Say hello to 3-year-old Caine Ambriz. The wind almost knocked the little guy down, but the winds of change are whistling through the fields at the corner of Willow Wood and Smoky Hollow in the town of Arbuckle.

Cain’s mother feels like she just ran into a breath of fresh air. Onelia Ambriz has been chosen to become part of a program where she and her husband and four children can help build their very first home .

It’s called self-help housing and it’s planned for the well-kept, but underdeveloped neighborhood. Working families like the Onelias who can’t afford a down payment are given a shot at home ownership.

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