NeighborWorks® Sacramento currently offers three Financial Education classes on a rotating basis and a foreclosure prevention class once a month. The classes are based on an FDIC and CFPB curriculum and include information on topics from how to track spending to how to shop for a home loan. Registration for these classes is completely free and includes a pizza for all attendees. Sign ups for this class can be done online or by calling our front desk at (916) 452-5356.

HomeOwnership 101

This class provides and overview of the home purchase process. You will learn the steps to homeownership, the importance of credit and most importantly how to prepare for what is likely your largest investment!

Building Your Credit

Are you interested in understanding how credit scores work? You will learn about credit bureaus, rebuilding credit, and the key factors that determine your credit score.

Protect your Home Investment

Protecting Your Home Investment is designed for current homeowners who want to learn more about the benefits and dangers of refinancing, home improvement and reverse mortgages!

Foreclosure Prevention Lunch and Learn

Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? This class will provide an overview of what options may be available for you. This is a general information session, there is no need to bring your paperwork to this class.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our free financial empowerment classes!