Paint the Town


Our Paint the Town model supports our community stabilization initiative. Through this initiative NeighborWorks® Sacramento renovates formerly vacant homes for resale to a new family. Each year, NeighborWorks® Sacramento chooses a street near one of our recently renovated homes for our Paint the Town event. We focus our efforts on one specific block in order to maximize our impact. NeighborWorks® Sacramento meets with residents to develop work-plans for home improvement projects to meet each resident’s needs. Volunteer teams are assigned one or more projects to complete. NeighborWorks® Sacramento provides the supplies, equipment and expertise needed to lead the projects.

We need you! How you can help

We have flexible sponsorship opportunities to match your needs as a sponsor. Each resident will have one or several projects that can include exterior paint or touch-ups, landscaping projects such as planting trees, mowing, edging, pruning, or building planter boxes, minor repair of a fence or porch, or other projects that collectively make a significant, positive impact on the entire block. Participate by contributing a financial contribution, a volunteer team or both! Ideal sponsor teams will have 10 to 25 volunteers.

If you are an individual wanting to get involved, we would love to have you!  We can add you to a team to work on one of the many projects.


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